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Why Misty River Outfitters

Why Misty River Outfitters

Why Us?

Planning your next hunting adventure can be tough. There are a lot of outfitters offering hunts for the same species throughout Alberta and Canada. So why misty river, well we offer a true adventure from start to finish. We hunt in remote areas where hunting pressure is limited and the game is plentiful. Secondly, we are a family run operation. Your outfitter will also be in camp as your guide, accompanying him will be family members and close friends. All of whom have extensive guiding experience and knowledge of the areas we hunt.

Lastly, we focus on quality, not quantity. We don't put extensive volumes of clientele through our camps. Each bear camp hosts maximum of 6 hunters per week 10 total per year over two weeks. Each moose camp only hosts one group per year maximum of 6. We have exclusive rights to outfit where we do.

All in all, this makes for a true backcountry adventure with hosts who are dedicated to showing you Alberta as it was meant to be seen. As well as doing everything we can to make your hunt a success.